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Delve into the Depths

Muse among the Madness

Mistress D'Aphrodite
29 December 1985
I love those who fascinate me endlessly, with mutual passions proclaimed unabashedly.

Bisexuality is Real.

i have photos on facebook, search me if you know me.

a more "organized" 'about me:' is there (movie/tv/music interests separated by category) although i direct people here for more info on me if they happen to go there first. add me as a friend if you know me and i might add you back if i know you well enough.

I am passionate about living simply, and yet thinking deeply. I am random and eclectic, I have taste both homely and refined, my style is a conglomerate of many eras. Mozart to Metallica to Montgomery Gentry. I do not brand all becuase of the condemnation or lauding upon a specific example. I cannot deny i love the sound of a V-8 revving up and I'm a Chevy girl. I play poker, pool, and captain morgan can save my soul. I like to cruise, be on top, and I ain't no prissy chick with a weak stomach.

I want to meet people who are not afraid to defy stereotypes, to challenge the hypocritic jargon of the masses, and still can take a solid stand. politics do not make a person, and differing opinions are quite enlightening when proposed with respect; if i suspect, however, you are trying to convert me, the value of your argument depreciates to the point of ignorance. I want to meet people who will appreciate everything that I am, share themselves with me, and granted of course that our interests fascinate each other. I want to meet people who give me as much respect as i give myself, and do not flinch at my morbidly cynical amusement at the state of the world. I want to meet people that can show me a good time, have some good clean fun, and not be intimidated by my enthusiasm. I just want to meet people with whom I can be completely myself and who are true to who they are as well.

I get butterflies to the extreme for girls with curves, pretty girls who are naturally inclined. beauty shines through a person who lives only up to their own expectations. (No Barbies. No super-macho guys.)

I am not impressed by your injuries, your athletic abilities, how souped-up your rice is.

I'm a whole bunch of things put together and although sometimes it might seem like I don't know what i want as far as other people goes...

truth is, i'm tired of people playing games, but i'm not gonna let anyone make me jaded, so i give everyone that i'm actually intrigued by a chance.

i also have a deadjournal, the URL is in the "website" above-also there is a link to it if you go to my recent entries page

check out my awesome friend Meg's blog and shop. She is a beautiful actress, author, seamstress, designer, and artist...like her page on facebook and follow the blog!!!


facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/madrabbitcouture%20/?hc_ref=PAGES_TIMELINE

shop the wares: https://www.etsy.com/shop/madrabbitcouture?ref=l2-shopheader-name

this is a continuation of my interests list, becuase LJ is a bitch and does not let you list more than 150: AIM, amaretto, amber, arbor mist, art, bacardi silver, beauty, black, black and white, black eyeliner, blood, blue, blue hair, books, brad pitt, cafés, cameros, candles, caramel machiattos, caramel, cherries, champagne, chokers, classical, classic cars, coconut rum, coffee, coke, corsets, corvette stingrays, cotton candy, creme soda, crimson, crystals, daggers, darkness, ddr, deadjournal, death, desire, diet coke, diet coke with lime, Disaronno, dream analysis, dreams, expression, fairies, firebirds, french, girls, gothic, graveyards, grunge, gummie bears, guys with long hair, haiku, hazelnut, horses, hot topic, innocence, jasmine, jewelry, journals, kissing, knives, Kyo, lace, leopard print, libraries, literature, LiveJournal, love, lust, lyrics, midnight in the garden of good and evil, mello yellow, moonlight, mountain dew, music, mustangs, nature, night, new york city, opera, paris, passion, pasta, peaches, photography, playing cards, poetry, quotes, rain, raspberries, reading, red, rocky horror picture show, romance, sandalwood, sangiovese, satin, saved, sauvignon blanc, silver, slash, shopping, songs, songwriting, sonnets, sparkly things, stars, strawberries, sugar, tea, the breakfast club, the devil's advocate, the lost boys, the moon, thigh highs, thinking, thrift stores, thunderstorms, thursdays, unicorns, vampires, velvet, verse, violets, waterbeds, wild things, woods, writing, york peppermint patties
80's music, 98rock, a separate peace, ac/dc, aerosmith, alanis morisette, american beauty, angelina jolie, bagels, baz luhrman, beauty and the beast, beethoven, bisexuality, biting, blacklight, blueberries, bon jovi, boy meets world, brad pitt, brian molko, candace cameron, candy, catcher in the rye, cheesecake, chess, collars, corvettes, cranberries, cruel intentions, danielle fishel, daria, dark chocolate, david bowie, def leoppard, desserts, draco malfoy, dreams, drew barrymore, duct tape, edward munch, eloquence, erotica, evanescence, ever after, ewan mcgregor, eyeliner, eyes, femmeslash, ferris bueller's day off, fetish, fishnets, france, glitter, goo goo dolls, green tea, guitar, guns n roses, heath ledger, incense, intelligence, jeeps, jewel, john cusack, josh groban, joyce carol oates, julia stiles, keanu reeves, kurt cobain, la traviata, leather, les miserables, lightning, lingerie, linkin park, madonna, marilyn monroe, matchbox twenty, math, melissa etheridge, metal, metallica, meteorology, millersville university, mint, mocking catholicism, moulin rouge, mozart, my little pony, natalie imbruglia, newsboys, nicole kidman, nirvana, no doubt, origami, pac-man, papaya, periwinkle, phantom of the opera, philosophy, piano, pineapple, pink floyd, placebo, plaid, poker, prozac nation, psychology, purple, queerbait, raphael, raspberries, rita mae brown, rocky horror picture show, rope, salvador dali, sarcasm, savage garden, saved by the bell, say anything, sebastian bach, serpents, shakespeare, shakespeare in love, shania twain, skiing, slash, sleeping, songwriting, storms, straightjackets, swiss cheese, t.a.t.u., tea, tetris, the cure, the goodwill store, the little mermaid, the little rascals, third eye blind, thunder, tim mcgraw, tori amos, u2, van gogh, van halen, vintage, will and grace, wind, wine, wolves