Mistress D'Aphrodite (aphroditesiris) wrote,
Mistress D'Aphrodite

taking the fall off for group therapy, processing time, plus winter past December...rosetta stone <3

looking at spring courses for a different campus. they're non-credit but i wouldn't mind continuing the therapeutic aspect of going to class, especially if i can public transit to it and it not affect my GPA worries, ease back into school, need to get to Cal State with a decent pre-reqs filled grades for the major.

NCPSY 11: Self-Awareness Through Improvisation

Prerequisites: None
Lecture 2.25 hours. (2001.00)
Course Typically Offered: F, SP

Especially for older adults, this course uses improvisation as a means of developing self-awareness, imagination, and creativity, thus enhancing the ability to interact socially. Classroom improvisation emphasizes thinking, listening, and reacting to others.

NCWRT 20: Life Story Writing

Prerequisites: None
Lecture 2.75 hours. (1507.00)
Course Typically Offered: TBA

This course is intended for novice writers and includes techniques for making writing interesting and readable. The course covers basic writing techniques, techniques for writing dialogue, and short story construction. Students write their own life stories.

bolded parts are useful

i'm slowly getting back to having my happy space desk rom thing. its like a dorm single but large and with cats.  thinking about raising the bed a bit for storage underneath of easy access to amps/keyboard/ect. for practice and student use.

why not trial run with my freinds' kids.  draygon loves grammar and the girls are into the musical instruments.  i can test run a curriculum of currentt songs and write it not for classical but pop.  like eric would do for metal.

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