Mistress D'Aphrodite (aphroditesiris) wrote,
Mistress D'Aphrodite

i feel like i'm doing life again

the past few weeks it seems like each day has been long for the most part.  I guess it IS a shock to the system to get moving again on a routine after a few months of bein glost and starting to lose it a few months before that.  Finally seem to have gotten weight/food somewhat more balanced to at least 2 a day meals and usaully a snack and drinks.  this has helped with energy and i can sometimes sleep.  better than it being impossible all the time/then feeling useless for weeks on end.  money is working out fine and plans for loan/upgrades to house are started.  Car is getting work done tomorrow, and will be finished when roomate gets to the brakes probably this weekend.  then maybe i'll have evergy to do a few organizing projects around the house, but first deal with the VA to switch banks, and figure out which brake pads to purchase.  next up ASAP is getting travel arrangements made and planning for mom and dad's visit.  downtime = try to read more, The Tao of Pooh about just Being is a simple calm but i'm a bit critical of how it says that may be better than the other characters (eeyore! Rabbit! owl!)
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