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tumblr post for when i get the login on computer or can possibly copy paste from phone

i want to start blogging again but new decade doing a different platform.  many lifetimes, much time without writing online. a good half decade of paper journals, some dreams even included!

the tumblr is explicitly going to be a record how how i percieve the world and analyze my observations, my validation and rationalizing of my experiences with neurotypicals.

I miss writing, i used to not have my brain overwhelmed with anxiety and feeling like i need a dozen post-its on the wall.  its not a bad idea, i'm going to get the weekly calander pad and cross off outline item II.-B.-4. calander in weekly form near desk for planning the week appointments, social time, bills due, therapy group, etc. then another pad for my to-do list between chores and projects. different energy expenditures organized by time and allow for editing.
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